three angles

Three angles

Installation on separated two walls in L-form Architecture,  text, 240 x 400 cm

There is a room. The room has three entrances. A guy wants to leave the room, but it is too difficult to find the exit. The room is not like a labyrinth. It is just a simple room. A girl suddenly appears. He asks her “How did you come in?” she says “just like you.” she doesn’t say anymore. She has strange beautiful eyes. Sometimes she looks like she is watching him, sometimes watching the wall through him, sometimes watching him through the wall. He is getting curious about her. “what is your name?” She doesn’t say anything, he says “There are three exits, but one is locked. There are just two exits to go out.” she says “I don’t want to go out.” She slowly walks into the corner. Suddenly  she starts looking at him. He feels like she is pushing him to the corner. Walking back back … “kung” he reaches the opposite corner of the room. A boy came to the room. “There are three exits, but one is locked.” he was alone. He was looking for an entrance to go to another room. Nothing was there except one door.