Arpeggio/broken chord

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Arpeggio/broken chord, 2015

Metal, lacquer, acrylic pins, A7 – 4A0, edition of 3 + 1AP

Arpeggio is a musical term for a series of notes in which the single notes are not played at the same time, but one after the other in a sequence. This interplay can also be regarded as broken or dissolved. The sculptural group “Arpeggio/Broken Chord” assigns this state to the line in three-dimensional space: The line can only happen in this space, but it cannot actually be drawn in it. Shinae Kim investigates this observation by transporting the line from the standardised paper format into the dimensions of the surrounding space: Lines take form as objects, made of coloured metal, leaning against or floating on a wall. In this case, the colours refer to certain standardised formats which assemble into new ones in a colourful sequence.


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