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48°09′04″ N 11°34′53″ E 29°49.28′ N 5°44.05′ W

48°09’04” N 11°34’53” E 29°49.28’ N 5°44.05’ W, Installation, moroccan textile 300 x 1500 cm , 2013

     Using the physical properties of light, I wanted to create an impossible space in an underground gallery where natural light never entered. In order to duplicate the location of the exhibition space with the desert desert in Morocco, we used UV light to decolorize the area other than the shadow part of the gallery for two months. The textile on the gallery creates a place where two different spaces overlap with each other through the shadow.

signed transportable bag, silkscreen, edition of 60, 2013

After exhibition the fabric transformed as 60 bags and transported 60 different spaces