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Shinae Kim is an artist who asks: What is form? Form is defined by different contexts, information and references. It doesn’t exist independently or absolutely, but more relatively. She understands form as an occurrence, not as a fixed shape. For that reason context or information can also be the form itself. To show how form occurs, she defined the most basic elements of art, such as point, line, plane and space and later used these definitions as a key to approaching the occurring form.

Form can be created between the conceptual indications and space perception or simply in a relationship of object and space, plane and plane, plane and space.

A simple example is a line: When we say that we draw the line and we see the line, there can be a paradox. If we read lines according to mathematical concept,  we cannot see a line, because a line cannot have any area. But a line occurs on all four sides of a paper sheet, on the border of a plane and outside. Or it happens when two planes meet. To draw a real line on paper, the paper should be folded, then two planes meet, and a line is made. Also in a space, when two walls meet in a building, at the corner a line occurs.

Shinae Kim’s line drawings are made by using different medias, such as sound, sculpture, and paper works.

        Shinae Kim

        Studio 27, ASC Studios,
        The Chaplin Centre, Thurlow St
        London SE17 2DG