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Gut Häusern 2

Gut Häusern 2Pencil on paper, A5, 18 sheets, 2013

     The work is analogous to a walk across an 18-hole golf course. Shinae Kim separates this course as space into 18 A5 sheets of paper, each containing one fairway. She divides the length of the fairways by their par, i.e. the respective ideal number of strokes one should need to complete play of the hole. The artist then translates the resulting data into drawings of cubes whose appearance is shaped by the peculiarities of the fairway in question: Some are exact and complete, some are unfinished, incomplete or even expanded. Thus Shinae Kim, using lines, portrays distance and character in spatial forms which she transforms into another layer: the two-dimensionality of the paper. The installation of the sheets on a wall add up to the complete space of the golf course.