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The Shiny Feathers of a Peacock

The Shiny Feathers of a Peacock, 2021, 3D printing and chrome plating, dimensions variable

Would it be possible to understand a museum building as an organism? Just as biological beings constantly change through cell divisions, are non-biological beings forming new relationships and transforming over time? The project materializes the process of inanimate beings, animate beings, and their surroundings interacting with one another and building relationships. The solar radiation in Seoul on September 17, 1979, the year that Arko Art Center opened, is divided into 24 hours and presented as patterns on 24 bricks. On September 17, 2021, which is 42 years from the year 1979, these patterns are put into new forms and installed between the red bricks of ARKO Art Center, forming new connections among the building, audiences, and the surroundings—the process of the building’s subjective change—is what this project intends to visualize.
nothing makes itself - ARKO Art Center