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Romantic Storage


 photography and video by DongWoong Lee

Romantic Storage is an exhibition takes spatial installation that conveys the SeMA Storage, previously used as a reagent warehouse by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, into a momentary storage of fragmented information. Artist Shinae Kim approaches and handles the SeMA Storage as a venue that takes shape from a myriad of scattered information and attempts to install it in multiple layers. The SeMA Storage takes form as a structure with recorded vertical, horizontal, and stature information.

The artist incorporates the information, transforming it to binary data and then into structures through this space, to disturb yet catch the viewers’ attention. The works installed in various directions are sometimes connected to the horizontal axis shelf, sometimes to the vertical axis, and interact with the light coming in from the ceiling or extend to the structure on the ceiling to create miscellaneous spatial scenes. In particular, the installation allows viewers to embrace a side of the structure in alignment with various viewpoints, thereby keeping them fully engaged. This venue enables viewers to approach the digital drawing, the shelf on which it is placed, and the space to experience the message conveyed by the artwork. In Romantic Storage, the sensual relationship built through the artwork and the space blending in together gives a new shape along the path where the viewers’ eyes come to rest or follow.

supported by Seoul Museum of Art