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Amado Art Lab / 제4회 애뉴얼날레 목하진행중

+z : AMADO for sine No. 01 in 240Hz, 2400Hz, T. 001 : 88.5 sec.   2016


notation for AMADO for sine No.01, 88.5 sec.   2016, steel, 6 x 1200 mm

An architect’s plan has a corresponding building. This work excludes the actual exhibition space from the image plane of a plan of Amado art lab. The sound is created by measuring the length of lines and spacing of the plan from an arbitrary point within it and converting them to sound. This sound gives the spatiality and temporality in the plan and creates a constant episodic space in the exhibition room.
        Episodic space means the space which occurs and disappears when one of the numerous inherent spatialities in the space is shortly fixed as a form or concept by recognising it. This project is collaborated