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slightly out of tune    2015, aluminium board, one board: 636 x 939 mm, Junji(korean paper size)

     Grids divide planes and make standard of the position. As a line doesn’t exist in our reality, the plane doesn’t exist either. Planes exist just as a layer in a space that we see. The terrazzo on the floor in Sarubia (Gallery) makes an invisible layer of aplane. Each tile is not of equal length, so the grid is uneven. This work is a line drawing on this plane. The line, which cannot be drawn, happens between the two planes of folded aluminium board. This line is the same length as the tile it is placed upon. The work is given three dimensions by it’s volume as a sculpture. In the two different dimensions coinciding at the same time, lines occur. Everything doesn’t really exist. They are just little accidents in a recognition world. The audience can sit and watch the exhibition, or they can go in to the theatre and experience the space.


Arpeggio/broken chord   2015, A7, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 paper size

Project Space SARUBIA 24911cm   2015, color print on paper, A1 paper size